The Underappreciated Beauty of Animation

Let your Imagination run wild! What do you have to lose? “Animation is not a…

Let your Imagination run wild! What do you have to lose?

“Animation is not a Genre, it is an Artform” – Brad Bird

Video is one of the most effective ways of immediately creating a lasting impact. So it’s not a wonder that it’s one of the most sought-after modes of communication, advertising and entertainment. Irrespective of industry, message or intention, videos remain right at the top.

In our first Blog Edition, we will look at the beauty of Animation and reveal a little surprise that we have up our sleeve.

Animation is not a spontaneous artform, it has to be carefully and meticulously crafted with a lot of hard work. But, if you do it right, viewers will not be aware of the complexities involved.

2D and 3D animations are at the core of what we do, specializing in producing videos to communicate our client’s message to their target audience. Limitless imagination, brainstorming and ideas generate such results and complete a project at optimal quality.

If one tries to control the process unnecessarily, the process is limited. Constraints are something that we have learnt to screen out of our creative processes, so that creativity takes over.

With widely available talent, locally and worldwide, and globalization that allows sharing of information, ideas and skills, it is a prerequisite that one must be ever-evolving with the latest trends and technology. Thus, bringing us to the revelation of 2D animation to imitate 3D movements. Yes, you read right.

Let me to break that down if it seems too complicated.

Think of cartoons such as Tom and Jerry, Popeye, or even our modern-day Ben 10; these fall into the category of 2D animations. On the other hand, 3D animations would be Despicable Me, Pets and Ice Age.

In order to demonstrate the difference using our in-house productions, below you will find a 2D video we had produced for one of our clients in relation to their new online platform for selling authentic Sri Lankan books online at minimal prices to Sri Lankans all over the world:

See the difference?

The characters in the initial video do not have human-like or realistic movements, whereas the second one does. The movements are generated through the use of a method called ‘Rigging’.

If you are familiar with the world of animation, you must be aware that there are numerous animated layers that go into the complete movement of the character. Rigging and imitating human like movements can be done through manually selecting the area of the character’s body that will be used as pivot points to animate these actions.

Rigging is the process of creating connections between objects to make animating easier.

There are two options;

  1. Controls can be created
  2. One object can be controlled by another; similar to a Parent-Child relationship.

Rigging enables more efficient animation. Without the use of rigging, one would need to animate each part of the character through use of Key Frames, Rotation and Translation for each individual movement frame by frame.

Our evolved method of production now enables 3D effects to appear on 2D animations. Here rigging is used to ensure this happens.

Demonstration below:

The beauty of this method is that one does not need to go to the extent of generating 3D videos to imitate real life scenarios.

It goes without saying that when it comes to animations, there are certain levels of expectations especially with modern-day technological and graphical advances.

Audiences are awed and appreciate work that is closer to life, as they find it easier to see themselves in the position of using or experiencing the product or surroundings respectively.

We believe this effect will satisfy that expectation. We can satisfy this expectation.

Dilan Trowell
Dilan Trowell

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