Does your website convert?

You are carrying out all your online marketing and social media campaigns along with every other promotional strategy with a clear objective; Website Conversions.  Your landing page is the key driver that gears up conversions and determines the success of your campaigns. 

Let’s see if your landing page really converts and how you can track your conversions… 

What are website conversions? 

Simply put conversions are visitor actions on your website which you desire to achieve.
For an instance, if you want your visitors to subscribe to a newsletter and if a visitor subscribes, it counts as one conversion. Even brochure downloads, form submissions, views of directions and online purchases are included under conversions. 

So basically, now you see why website conversions are important as it measures your web marketing efforts and ROI effectiveness. Therefore, your landing page must be strategically formatted to encourage visitors to perform the expected activities on your website that would create a conversion.

Why is it important to track conversions?

Because website conversions can give you deeper insights and the conversion metrics are the most accurate figures on your performance. 

Marketers are obsessed with these metrics as there is no better way to identify which funnels work and which did not. Imagine if you can see the entire journey of your customers through metrics and perfectly optimize those touch-points? 

Yes, that is one of the magical things you can do with conversion tracking. 

Once you start conversion tracking, you are assured with a dead sure positive ROI for all your campaigns. 

What can you do to improve conversions? 

The first and the most significant thing you have to do in order to gain website conversions is, improve your landing page experience as the quality of your landing page matters not only to your conversion rate but also to your ad ranking.

Here is what you can do:

Create custom landing pages

Instead of driving visitors to your typical homepage, you can create a custom landing page for your campaign. Because the landing page is considered the heart of your campaign and it should look like a part of the campaign and be on point to create quality leads. It will generate comparatively greater website conversions. 

Always remember – Do not make it bulky but informative and follow up with a ‘Thank you” page. 

Split-test your landing pages

It is always better to test two different landing page designs to check which one performs better. Because in website development for a specific campaign, landing page designs make a great impact on website conversions.  

You can try out different text, images and graphics to see which design generates more conversions. You can alter the headline, call-to-action and forms to identify elements that create change. 

Experiment with video landing pages

In optimizing your landing page including videos on it, is proven to be extra effective. Usually, videos grab and hold the attention of visitors than text as people are more likely to watch a video on the go rather than reading a paragraph.

Especially if you are selling a complex product, there isn’t a better method of demonstration than a video, therefore, when it comes to website development of your landing page, try to include an intriguing video to get more conversions.

How to measure results? 

Well, finally you should know how to measure your landing page conversions. 

Here are some key metrics to go through to monitor your campaign performance

  • Conversion rate – The number of visitors who have completed the desired action on the page versus the total number of visitors.
  • Form abandonment rate – The ratio of the number of abandoned shopping carts versus number of initiated / completed transactions
  • Bounce rate – The number of times a visitor leaves your landing page without initiating the desired action
  • Time on page – The average time spent on the landing page
  • Traffic source – The source that created landing page traffic

As you can see, conversions are the ultimate objective of all your marketing efforts. If you aren’t getting enough conversions, the time, money and resources spent are a total waste. This is why you should speak to us as we create result-driven landing pages which guarantees conversions and generates positive ROIs.

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